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"This is exactly what I needed! My instructor Mark was a drill sergeant, a coach, and an instructor who knew how to teach tough concepts."

One-on-One SAT Prep

  • We Increase Test Scores!

    We produce high scorers through a holistic-approach to SAT Prep: partner-tutors, comprehensive instruction, and smart technology.
  • One-on-One Tutoring

    All of our packages include access to a world-class instructor-tutor to deliver personalized attention that every student needs.
  • Smart Technology

    Performance tracking, weakness discovery, and progress tracking are just a few of the tools we provide to increase SAT Prep performance.
  • Smart Curriculum

    Our lessons are the product of over 5 years of development by USC & UCLA professors, cognitive scientists, and granted score researchers.
  • Smart for Parents

    Informed parents make great student-coaches. We help by sending regular reports on progress and engagement.
  • Money-Back Guarantee

    We offer the industry’s finest satisfaction guarantee. If your scores don’t improve, we’ll refund your purchase. See here for more info.

Smarter Instruction

A Personal Instructor for Every Student

DOME™ students all receive a private instructor, it's what sets us apart. Our methodology, DOME SAT Prep Achieve™, is designed to deliver maximum student learning impact using a precision approach to learning--private instruction coupled with adaptive technology. This is a powerful blend of learning proven to dramatically increase student achievement - up to 2 standard deviations and 32.5% faster than with group students.

World-class Instructor-Tutors

Each of our instructors possesses a rare blend of talent that is hard to match anywhere—a remarkable passion for teaching, an extraordinary performance record on the SAT, and a motivating personality to inspire. This is important and distinctive in how they relate to students, close gaps and strengthen skills, and motivate students to reach their goals.


Smarter SAT Curriculum

Bigger SAT Percentile Scores

We provide our students a distinctive edge with a program that deconstructs and simplifies the SAT, while delivering instruction for every learning style with live tutoring, high definition video lessons, written lessons, and interactive quiz-drills. The edge we give our students is a higher percentile score, critical for standing out to top colleges and universities.

Every Package Includes the Following:

  • One-on-One Online Tutoring
  • 10 Official SAT Practice Exams
  • 2 Interactive SAT Practice Exams
  • DOME SAT Master Study Guides
  • DOME SAT HD Video Lessons
  • SAT 5000 Vocabulary Builder
  • Reverse Essay Grading Drills
  • Online Scoring & Reports
  • Smart Recommendation Technology
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Smarter Technology


DOME Exam Prep offers the most progressive technology to set the right course for SAT prep including integrated weakness discovery, targeted memory retention methods, and performance tracking dashboards for both students and parents. Whether studying in person or online, smart reporting keeps students motivated and on track while also keeping parents informed on development.

In-Person and Online Tutoring

Are you too busy to meet in person? Your tutor is never far away with our global online video and whiteboard learning platform. Our technology provides a seamless video-conferencing integration for traditional communication styles, with the addition of interactive white-board lessons. We offer unparalleled convenience to schedule your prep sessions around busy family calendars, athletics, and other extra-curriculars.


Every SAT Course Includes

  • DOME SAT Private Instructor
  • 10 Official SAT Practice Quizzes
  • 2 Interactive SAT Practice Exams
  • DOME SAT Master Study Guides
  • DOME SAT Math Workshop Videos
  • DOME SAT Top 5000 Vocabulary Builder
  • Reverse-Essay Grading Drills
  • Immediate Online Scoring and Reporting
  • Smart Recommendation Technology
  • 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!

Hourly Private Tutor Packages

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6 Hours

Our starter package is best if you only need help with one section of the SAT.

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8 Hours

Our most popular course with a perfect balance of guided self-study and tutoring.

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12 Hours

Recommended for students targeting a 2100+ score.

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Our curriculum considers that all students have a different approach for maximized memory retention so we provide multiple integrated learning methods. Video lessons and study guides are reinforced with drills, while tough practice questions offer walk-through solutions.

With over 60 hours of curriculum, students will cover everything the SAT will test for while also using our weakness discovery technology to determine where time should most be spent.

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